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Rest easy with our $92 specials

Filing your own returns can be a trying job.  Are you sure you've filled them correctly? Are you confindent you are claiming all your allowable expenses?

EB Consultants can give you peace of mind at minimal cost. 

Bring your returns into us and we'll give them a professional check for only $92!

We can help in many ways...

  • Had you accounts prepared by another professional and want a second opinion? We'll check them over for $92 
  • Are you about to start your own business and need advice on how to manage your tax and accounting affairs? Bring in your papers and $92 
  • Have you got money in the bank or in shares or property and would like a chat about them with someone who won't try to sell you anything or push any particular investment? Bring in your papers and $92
  • Have you filed your own returns but would like to be linked to our tax agency for just $92 per annum?
    Look at the benefits of being linked:
    • the date your return needs to be filed is not 7 July but the following 31 March
    • terminal tax can be paid on 7 April rather than 7 February
    • we can deal directly with Inland Revenue on your behalf if there are any issues that need attention
    • we will give you discounted rates for all advice
    • you will have access to our "Members only" area

To file or not to file

Has Inland Revenue said you do not need to file a tax return and you receive share dividends which have been taxed at 30% or 33%? This often happens to pensioners. You are probably due for a refund. We will check out your last two tax years for $92 

Call us on (09) 486 3999 or make contact here to discuss..


Tips & Info

KiwiSaver - exemptions from automatic enrolment rules
At times you may employ temporary or casual employees. If the employee is employed for 28 continuous days or less you don't need to enrol them in KiwiSaver.

Here's a quick refresher about who's eligible for KiwiSaver and the enrolment process.

You must automatically enrol eligible new employees who aren't already members. They must be:

•at least 18 and under 65 years old, and
•a New Zealand citizen or entitled to remain in New Zealand indefinitely.

Read more on the IRD website in their Sept Business Tax Newsletter