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We have established a substantial property portfolio over the years, making many mistakes but also making some very profitable decisions. Let us show you how you can benefit from our experience to create your own property portfolio and become independently wealthy.

Property Chats with Fred 

Until 31 May 2011 you can spend up to an hour with Fred, discussing your property ambitions for only $138. We'll discuss, buying & selling strategies, cash flow projections, feasibility studies, dealing with bankers, brokers, real estate agents, property managers, solicitors & tenants, structuring loans, optimal gearing, tax minimisation, profit maximisation & any other property related matter. You'll get hands on, practical advice.

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Tips & Info

KiwiSaver - exemptions from automatic enrolment rules
At times you may employ temporary or casual employees. If the employee is employed for 28 continuous days or less you don't need to enrol them in KiwiSaver.

Here's a quick refresher about who's eligible for KiwiSaver and the enrolment process.

You must automatically enrol eligible new employees who aren't already members. They must be:

•at least 18 and under 65 years old, and
•a New Zealand citizen or entitled to remain in New Zealand indefinitely.

Read more on the IRD website in their Sept Business Tax Newsletter